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Anticipatory attention to comfort,

service, fun, sustenance and surprise.


  • Sea and backwater kayaking

  • Pepper Queen Trek @ our Kagal Cliff

  • with game of Treasure Hunt

  • Exploration of local beaches by boat

  • Sunset cruises

  • Exploring biodiversity in the ecosphere

  • Twitchers Trail

  •  Paddle Boarding

  •  Cycling - Kagal Aghanashini trail

  •  Guided Mangrove forest trail

  •  Culinary class

  •  Explore local traditions and  practices.

  • Movie screening night beach front

  • Mindful Nature Meditation and Earthing

  •  Volunteering Experiences

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We’ve been working for over a decade in creating a platform to engage with Nature; to eventually create a Responsible Natural Economy. There is a possibility to merge the optics and look at Nature from both economic and ecologic lenses. Panchabhuta is an opportunity to immerse, experience and view Nature as a partner to craft your own sustainability journey in a small,  biodiverse and spectacular geography around the wetlands of the Aghanashini estuary and its upstream in the Western Ghats.

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