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Rewilding and restoring ecosystems in key areas is critical to our survival.

At Panchabhuta, we strive to become part of Nature; to live in balance with Nature. We believe

that every species has a role and must thrive for us to thrive.

Our attempts are:

• To enhance biodiversity

• To bring back ocean to life

• To harvest forest sustainably

• To bring knowledge and technology for sustainable farming

• To make the big shift to renewables

• To enrich the lives of local communities via green enterprises

• To create a responsible natural economy, a circular green economy.


This we do in a small geography - Coastal districts of Karnataka. We work with local communities.

We research, collaborate, connect with talent, technology & capital, innovate prototypes &

exemplars, foster entrepreneurship, develop local green enterprises - all in pursuit of living in

harmony with Nature.

At Panchabhuta, it is not only about saving the planet. It is also about saving ourselves!

We know there is only one meaningful future, the Future with Nature!

More on our Foundation - 

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