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Panchabhuta Retreat is a creative expression of Panchabhuta with the sole purpose of inspiring \ collaboration toward the creation of a Circular Green Economy. We strive to deliver unrivalled immersive experiences. We have been blessed with phenomenal diversity of ecology and terrain that allows us to design these immersive experiences. 


Blending gorgeously with the Kagal Fort hillock, the rocks, golden sands, pristine blue waters, estuarine backwaters, coconut palms, and paddy fields offer the perfect setting for magical experiences. A clear glimpse of a Future with Nature.


At Panchabhuta, we pay anticipatory attention to comfort, service, fun, sustenance and surprise. 

• Sea and backwater kayaking 

• Pepper Queen Trek @ our Kagal Cliff and other Panchabhuta Walks

• Exploration of local beaches by boat 

• Sunset cruises 

• Exploring biodiversity in the ecosphere, Vision for a Future with Nature

• Stand-up Paddle Boarding(SUP)

• Cycling - Kagal Aghanashini trail 

• Guided Mangrove forest trail 

• Culinary classes 

• Explore local traditions and practices. 

• Movie screening night beachfront 

• Mindful Nature Meditation and Earthing 

• Sessions and making Natural Cosmetics with local ingredients 

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