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This new eco-friendly retreat near Goa offers rest for the mind and body
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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognised the growing need for people to reconnect with nature.

All our research centred around the ecology of our location, which inspired us to set up a platform for people to witness its captivating ecology.

We envisioned creating a platform that not only provides a nature immersive experience but also serves as an inspiration for adopting sustainable practices in travel and daily life.


This aspiration motivated us to choose Responsible Tourism as one of the Foundation’s flagship initiatives prompting us to establish exemplars that go beyond conservation to actively regenerate the environment.


The foundational work for our inaugural exemplar, the Retreat @ the Foundation, commenced with collaborative efforts involving sustainability industry experts, designers, architects, and local artisans.


This diverse team worked cohesively towards the shared vision of transforming the foundation into a nature-immersive experiential retreat while standing by our core values.


Located at the doorstep of the Aghanashini estuary and cul-de-sac of Nirvana Beach, Panchabhuta Retreat is designed as a contemporary natural environment.

It blends gorgeously with the Kagal Fort hillock, the rocks, golden sands, pristine blue waters, estuarine backwaters, coconut palms, and paddy fields, which offer the perfect setting for magical experiences and rewilding the mind landscape for an extraordinary Future with Nature..


The design is thoughtful and beautiful: the khadi bathrobes are dyed with discarded temple flower offerings. No trees were cut in its building, the property is plastic-free and the construction is with locally sourced natural materials like laterite, bamboo, Cudappah stone, terracotta and recycled wood. There is free flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, such as with the restaurant's open-plan kitchen and bar, and the bamboo-lined conference room that's roofed but otherwise open to the elements, and a concrete-topped table with a leaf impression takes me back to Geoffrey Bawa's Lunuganga Estate..

Conde Nast Traveller - 2021

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